October Afternoon Rubber Charms Blog Hop

Welcome to my little blog! It’s been sort of quiet around here in the last month – it’s about time we had a some blog-hop action to perk things up a little bit…

For this entry, I made a few cards with the October Afternoon Rubber Charms. If I made about 75 more cards this week, maybe I could get caught up on all of the thank yous and welcome babies and hello new neighbors that I need to do…

This first card is mostly 5 and Dime with a bit of Fly a Kite and Modern Homemaker thrown in. I love the details in the Rubber Charms, don’t you?

This next card is pretty small. I used the 8X8 paper pad (love the shrunk-down papers!) and printed my little sentiment on the 5 and Dime grid paper. I love how the label sticker frames the sweet lolly…

I must have had something set wrong on my camera here because the top of the image is a bit blurry…let’s pretend that I did that for artistic effect. Yep. I pretty much make cards the same way I scrapbook: squares and frames. They just work for me. (grin)

Oh, and speaking of my comfort zone…here’s a card just jam-packed with squares and frames:

I adore this bear rubber charm…

Prize! Each design team member is giving away an October Afternoon Rubber Charm Prize Pack. Just leave a nice comment on my blog and I will randomly select a winner on Sunday night. The winner will be posted on my blog on Monday Morning and on the October Afternoon Blog on Monday Morning as well. Thanks for stopping by…

Now it’s time for you to hop along to Lexi Bridges’ blog!


tuesday stuff.

So yesterday at the October Afternoon blog, we had our first Challenge Monday. Lexi Bridges chose the first theme, and she came up with “throw a little vintage on it.” This is my take on the challenge…I used a vintage photo as the focal point for this card and made the flower from pages of an old book. Don’t you just love the looks on those girls’ faces?

Join in the challenge by posting your project at the October Afternoon Flickr Group – I think there’s a prize!

Yesterday was also the day for a sad announcement at Coordinates Collections. You can read the story here. I worked with the CC design team five years ago in the beginning, and then I re-joined the team last summer. It has been a special place, and I will really miss that community! I’m working on my projects with the last kit now. (insert sad face)

On the home front:

Apparently Corey heard a bad word on the baseball field yesterday (a father of a teammate shared it). So Corey decided to try it out…Doug was mortified! We’ll see if I can come up with a layout to remember the special quote. I have to scrap the icky quotes with the cute ones, right? We’ll see…

Today is the only day we don’t have baseball practice this week. Of course, there’s still dance…and Doug has to be at the sale at the county show tonight…but at least we aren’t trying to juggle baseball into the rest of it! Hopefully, Darby will feel well enough to go to dance…she’s had an awful stomach virus (or something like that) since Saturday morning… (more sad faces)

Happy Tuesday!

{For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—  not by works, so that no one can boast. Ephesians 2:8-9}

Okay, so I made the image full size instead of medium size. What do you think? Adele? (Adele is the only person who reads my blog, apparently…) Big photo good? Too big?

I made the layout for the October Afternoon blog...they are introducing the new design team this week. Go check it out if you haven’t already!

Here are some detail photos – I love it when people take these because I am always trying to see all the details up close.

I have a quote I need to remember from today:

“I’m sweating like a beaver nugget.” -Corey, a little hot from playing outside…

It is pretty warm today for March!

october afternoon design team announcement.

I am SO happy to be returning as a member of the October Afternoon design team! The new team was announced today on the OA blog, and here is the list of rock-star scrappers I will be working with for the next year:

Amy Heller
Becky Novacek
Danni Reid
Jaime Warren
Jill Sprott
Kinsey Wilson
Lexi Bridges
Roree Rumph
Vivian Masket
Wilna Furstenburg

The blog is going to be jam-packed with inspiring, challenging content every day with the new team and the new blog!

And because I hate to post without a photo, here’s a layout I did with October Afternoon’s new 5 and Dime collection:

Have a great day!

cc blog hop challenge – stitching!

You don’t have to twist my arm to get me to do some stitching on pretty paper…I love a stitching challenge! I posted another stitched layout yesterday, so scroll down if you want to see it. 🙂

And here’s a stitched card:

In case you are wondering, the red rub-on alphas are from Heidi Grace Design…they haven’t been made for years, but I absolutely love them and use my significant stash of them sparingly. 🙂 Paper, stickers, and corrugated shapes from both projects are from Jillibean Soup. There are a few Making Memories stickers scattered about as well.

I’m looking forward to making some more cards with the scraps that are scattered all over my desk…sometimes the most fun cards I make come from a pile of scraps!

Have a great Wednesday! I hope you are adjusting to the time change better than I am. 🙂

creative block detour.

I was having a creative block.

Staring at pretty paper.

No ideas.

But then…I played.

And came up with something that makes me smile:

I realize that there should be a comma after “stuff,” but “he” should also be capitalized.

I am the Grammar Police.

I decide when the rules don’t apply.

Like right now.


I’ve been a mother for almost 16 years, and today is the very first time I have found a melted crayon in my dryer.


PCC with Stacey, a.k.a. Ms. Perfectionism Overthinks a 52-Week Project.

I’m working on a year-long project called PCC (Project Calendar Collections). I posted this at the Coordinates Collections blog about two weeks ago:


After reading over my opening comments, I’m thinking that I could scare some people off. Please remember – my dysfunction is not your dysfunction. You can enjoy this process without getting bogged down with needing to know how it’s going to end. (And I think I can, too. It’s just going to take some…something.)

On to PCC with me:

Before you get the wrong idea, I am not looking for a “perfect” project. But I tend to lean toward the perfectionist failing of needing to know exactly how the thing is going to go (or I can’t move – the indecision can almost paralyze me)…and I don’t really welcome the spontaneity of changing my design, papers, or approach halfway through the project just because in JULY I figure out what I really want the project to look like! I need consistency, and I kind of need it to be guaranteed.

I’ve done a lot of mental pacing because of this project!Back and forth, around and around…trying to visualize what I really want my finished project to look like next January when I complete December’s entry. I thought I had it figured out, but then I started actually working on it. Uh-oh.

Some of my “for-sure” plans are:

1. Weekly entries, so there should be 52. (Well, 52… PLUS 12 monthly title pages?)

2. 8X8 format.

3. Every week will have a lovely literary quote. (The first quote is from Jane Austen.)

4. Color scheme will center around the Life Documented kit from the CC Store.

5. It will be flat. No buttons, gems (well, maybe just a few), or layered chipboard. If I were doing a monthly-entry album, I’d be lumping and bumping it up like usual, but with 52-plus pages, I need to keep it flat, I think.

6. Um, that’s all I can settle on…

The “variables” are:

1. One page per week? Or a two-page layout per week? (8X8 is small!) Will my book hold that much? Sometimes one page, sometimes two?

2. Consistent design throughout (like a sketch)? Or do I want to vary the design depending on the type of week it was? This mostly affects whether I do one photo, a photo strip, collage of photos, etc.

3. I’d like to give each week a word – you know, like a word that sort of “sums up” the week…but I wonder if I can come up with 52 unique words when many of my weeks might be mostly just comprised of me running around like a chicken with my head cut off. (I am picturing myself running out of synonyms for the word “chaos.”)

4. Do I want to focus on the entire family or is it to be just a personal story?

5. What papers will I add in?

These are some of the questions that have been keeping me awake at night. (Not really keeping me awake…other things keep me awake, like the cat meowing and me coughing because I’m not quite over the cough that arrived with the flu last week. So the project isn’t truly keeping me awake, but I do think about it a lot.) Since I am ready to begin (okay, not really ready – just required because it’s “time to get started”) – without having my questions answered (!) – here’s what I’m going to do for January (and most likely February)…

Resolutions to my issues:

1. One page per week, at least for now (the indecision here still makes me cringe internally, but I am pretending not to care).

2. Alternating between photo strips and single-photo pages – mostly due to the amount of photos available.

3. Word for the Week – yes, I think I can do this 52 times.

4. It will be a record of the entire family, but the observations and focus will be strictly from my point of view. So…it will be a sort of personal journal that is a reflection of our home and family. (I think I have this sorted out in my head.)

5. The papers. Okay, I am going to go with this: Obviously, the Life Documented kit. Adding in papers from the Crate Paper Restoration collection (I bought bookoos of it when the CC Store got it in!). I’ll spread the Restoration papers out to use thoughout the entire book and add in others (like some of the Echo Park Life is Good papers) that I like as Jamie orders new stuff though the year. I think this will give me the consistency that I seem to require.

My January entry, so far:

Jan Cover LO

Yep, that’s it! One page. The flu has really slowed my life down to a crawl…the virus itself was awful, and recovery is slow and slower. All I can say is that I am looking forward to starting a brand new month. GOOD-BYE, February!

Check back because the rest of my January entry is “in progress,” and I will add the rest of the January pages this weekend. Here’s a peek of Week 2’s entry:

Jan Week 2 LO Detail

Have a great weekend!