sidewalks and discoveries.

Oh, joy, smiles, and lovely, scrappy happiness. October Afternoon has delighted me again. I SO love working with this company! They consistently WOW me with every new release. I. Adore. Sidewalks.

I did this layout for the OA CHA booth. The photos were taken by the sweetest photographer ever, Michelle Boyd of michelle b. photographie. You can see more of the photos from this session here.

I am going to need a whole lotta this yellow gingham paper. Love.

I’ll post more of my CHA projects tomorrow. Tomorrow.

Because I am a daily blogger.

I’ve just been taking some time off.

Lots of time.

Okay…so for the “discoveries” part of the blog. I have made some discoveries this summer.

Some good discoveries, some not so good.

1. Blue Bell Banana Pudding Ice Cream. Soooo good, sooo bad. Yum.

2. The Clutter Diet. What a great website! I have gotten SO much done this summer because of this program.

3. Hoarders. I think have more in common with some of these people than I’d like to admit.

4. Molly. Our new (old) Yorkie. She is definitely deserves her own blog entry with photos. Not really a “discovery,” just someone new to love.

5. Analytical Grammar. You know I adore grammar. I’m teaching two classes this school year with this program, preparing the next generation of Grammar Police. 🙂

Here’s one more project from October Afternoon’s Sidewalks collection:


2 Comments on “sidewalks and discoveries.”

  1. Adele says:

    When I saw this collection previewed, I thought it had “Stacey” written all over it. Love the quote you used for this delightful LO.

    Oh, and I’m better off not knowing anything about Banana Pudding ice cream!

  2. These are adorable! Love!

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